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Medical Transcription Services offers a by-the-word pricing plan.  By-the-line pricing is also available.  Either way, you pay only for work that is actually done.    You never pay for a whole page of transcription when only half a page was transcribed.  These competitive pricing options allow for unlimited flexibility in the format of your reports.  No need to worry about your preferred format costing extra, either.  Medical Transcription Services sets up your unique report format at no additional charge when you use its services.

In addition to the low rate offered by Medical Transcription Services, you save in other ways too.  Medical Transcription Services is a contractor, not an employee, that provides services to you under contract.  That means you save big money over hiring an employee because you don't have to pay Workers Compensation Insurance Premiums, Unemployment Insurance Premiums, Social Security Tax, and Vacation and other employee benefits.  You save further by not having to pay a bookkeeper to pay payroll taxes and all the other items listed above.

By contracting with Medical Transcription Services, you will not have to worry about employees calling in to work when you least expect it.  Medical Transcription Services returns finished dictation every business day.  Even more, you can "prioritize" a STAT for immediate dictation and immediate return to you.  It's like having a transcriptionist in your office without the expense!

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You may contact Pam Kent d/b/a  Medical Transcription Services services at (918) 535-2671 or email at

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