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Turnaround Times

Medical Transcription Services takes pride in its ability to return finished reports quickly.  In most cases Medical Transcription Services returns finished medical reports in 24 hours.  If quick turnaround times are important for you, then Medical Transcription Services would like to discuss your medical transcription needs with you.  A 24 hour turn around time means that any dictation received by 9:00 a.m. on a business day will be delivered no later than 9:00 a.m. the following business day via email.

Medical Transcription Services picks up and delivers locally in the Bartlesville, Oklahoma area.   Medical Transcription Services also uses the hardware and software necessary for instantaneous delivery of dictated medical reports to the the transcriptionist using any touch-tone telephone.  That means a doctor can dictate from California or New York to Medical Transcription Services free 800 number.  Medical Transcription Services is as close as the nearest touch-tone phone, and you may call in your dictation 24/7*.

Click this link to learn more about this high-tech, easy to use dictation delivery system:   How the system works

With the dictation delivery system, doctors dictate directly to the delivery system from any touch-tone telephone.  As soon as the doctor is finished dictating, the dictation is at Medical Transcription Services, ready for transcribing.  The system allows for easy recording of dictated reports by the doctor using all the same features as a dictaphone such as pause, rewind, fast forward, and other similar functions.  Additionally, the system allows the doctors added control that the dictaphone never allowed such as setting priority of reports.  Thus, a STAT report can be given top priority to be handled first by the transcriptions.

Click this link for information to learn more about using your telephone to deliver dictation:  Telephonic dictation delivery

Finished reports can be delivered to doctors using a variety of methods.  Medical Transcription Services can email your finished reports as an attached document.  Thus, you will have a digital report on your computer as well as the paper document you print.  This allows you to edit reports after transcription, if needed.  It also allows you to find a report when the chart can't be readily located.  Transcription is routinely done using the Word97 word processing program.  Word Perfect format is also available if you choose.  Obviously, reports that are returned via email are delivered to you immediately.  Medical Transcription Services recommends email to return of your finished medical reports.

Finished reports can also be returned via fax.  If you choose, you can have your finished reports returned via US Mail.  Turn around times for reports returned via US Mail will obviously be longer than email or fax, but the reports will be transcribed and mailed in 24 hours.

Medical Transcription Services strives to stay on top of cutting edge technology in order to provide the most reliable, easiest and most efficient service available to the professional health care provider.

*The system is down for approximately 20 minutes once every week during off peak hours for maintenance.

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You may contact Pam Kent d/b/a  Medical Transcription Services services at (918) 535-2671 or email at

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